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TRUTH OR DARE - Tolhuistuin 17 september 2017 

Do we citizens have a right to truth in post-truth societies? How much debate can we handle? What to do with ‘legitimacy claims’ and ‘the rule of law’ if increasingly they seem more part of the problem than being key to conflict resolution?


If you are interested in pivotal questions of our time, come to the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam on Sunday September 17 and participate in the Truth or Dare festival ‘beyond post-truth society’.


Truth or Dare welcomes the current battles about ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’ as excellent opportunities to revisit and redesign our societies in Europe and the MENA region.


The event aims to offer a unique chance to challenge ourselves, discard useless narratives and develop new ones, and engage in fruitful dialogue with changemakers from around Europe and the MENA region.


With (among others): Karl Sharro, architect, satirist and commentator on the Middle- East; Xandra Schutte, editor in chief of ‘De Groene Amsterdammer’; Jonas Staal, Dutch visual artist; Cees Ullersma, head of the banking supervision department of the Dutch central bank (DNB); Markha Valenta, assistant Professor at Radboud University Nijmegen, Abderrahim Kassou (Marokko);  Joshua Livestro, columnist and commentator; Samir Makdisi, American University of Beirut; Bechir Mechergoui, teacher at the University of Tunis; Sameh Khader (Director General at Mahmoud Darwish Museum, Ramallah); Ad Melkert, Dutch politician and diplomat of the labour party.

Moderators: Steve Austen (board Metropool International Art Projects), Godelieve van Heteren (Board Spring to Come) and Markha Valanta.


Idea and Programme: Spring to Come (Faïrouz ben Salah) and Linda Bouws (Metropool International Art Projects / Studio Meritis MaKOM).


Click here for more information and articles:

Spring to Come                           Metropool International Art Projects/Studio Meritis


Contact: Faïrouz ben Salah           Contact: Linda Bouws

Mob: +31 (0) 64638801               Mob: +31(0) 620132195

Université de Tunis


Sponsored by Democracy & Media Foundation, City of Amsterdam


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