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SEGRETTE- Tracce di Memoria - Memory of the Holocaust XI Edition, January 24- February 9 2019

Joseph Sassoon Semah: Opening; site-specific installation MaKOM in MaKOM and the performance KaDISH, Palazzo Ducale Genua, curated by Virginia Monteverde

Joseph Sassoon Semah has been invited by Virginia Monteverde (Evento promosso de Art Commission) and Luca Rezzolla (Stichting Breed Art), to participate in "Dungeons. Traces of Memory: an alliance of artists in Memory of the ShOAH"
SEGRETE. Tracce di Memoria Alleanza di artisti in memoria della Shoah - XI edizione - 24 gennaio – 9 febbraio 2019 - Torre Grimaldina di Palazzo Ducale; Genoa, Italy. He has created a site-specific installation in the old dungeon for political prisoners, entitled [MaKOM in MaKOM] - 
and he gave a performance at the opening, entitled KaDISh;

words and sounds,
a temporary House in the prison cell,
with the memory of the ShOAH,
five female violinists,
they are playing,
by retelling a crime so monstrous,
by absorbing the silence into themselves,
and then translating it into the force of music,
they are playing the music of Bach,
and at the same time,
they are playing Tango;

there is no present,
only an immediate past;

And they are being followed long before,
by five individuals, each one of them holding a mirror;
then, we are watching the eternal procession,
the reflection of 5 female violinists in the mirrors,
and together we count MiNIaN...the quorum of TEN;
the form of sound and images,
the shadowy but indestructible MiNIaN of the memory behind;

We are haunted by thinking about that gesture,
the retelling of two men whose heads covered with wooden boxes, 
about the initial definition of our commitment,
and the victory of the actual practice of tolerance.


KaDISh [Prayer for the dead}
One man bowed out.
Now the quorum of ten (MiNIaN)
only has nine.
One too few.

Then we shall fully know and understand,
the autonomous reality of the House,
of [ MaKOM in MaKOM ] in the prison cell.

Now the quorum of ten (MiNIaN)

2019 Genua M.W.Ivanov fotograaf.jpg

Photographer :M.W. Iwanov

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