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Publication Joseph Sassoon Semah: On Friendship / (Collateral Damage) IV

How to Explain Hare Hunting to a Dead German Artist 

[The usefulness of continuous measurement of the distance between Nostalgia and Melancholia]


With texts by Joseph Sassoon Semah, Hans Peter Riegel, Arie Hartog, Rick Vercauteren, Andreas Wöhle, Ton Nijhuis, Mati Shemoelof, Markus Netterscheidt, Albert Groot, David de Boer, Paul Groot, Eelco Mes, Bas Marteijn and Linda Bouws.


Metropool Internationale Kunstprojecten

Final editing: Linda Bouws & Joseph Sassoon Semah

Design + layout: kunstburo geert schriever 

A4, 208 pages, full colour

ISBN 9789090368399


The publication can now be ordered € 49.95 and € 5 shipping costs: Stichting Metropool Internationale Kunstprojecten, account number NL 42 INGB 0006 9281 68 stating On Friendship IV, name and address.

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